Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Exciting stuff...

to me anyways :)

1. Wedding season is pretty much in full swing~ lots of orders, and lots of client referals, too~yay for that!

2. I think we *may* have decided on a car to buy...we'll see, but here's a pic of my guys checkin' one out. (probably not this color)

3. Its sooo hot outside...but yay for bright colors, dresses, and sandals. Calypso is my store of choice for the moment.

4. Lil Shorty scored himself an agent all by himself. Seriously. A few weeks ago, we were having dinner at Johnny Rockets, when we were approached by a woman who had been watching lil shorty dance around, chat it up with the server, and stick his fries in his burger. Basically she gave us her card, asked us to give her a call the very next day to set up a meeting with her agency. Since this is definitely Mr. Shorty-Cake's dept., I asked him to do the talking and sure enough, a meeting was set. Long story short, the meeting was a complete success, and now the real work begins...
Oh and this means that my husband, and children all have agents of their own...I have no talent. Hahahhahha! :) :)

Sunday, March 02, 2008

I'm tired...

nothing too extreme, just the kind of "tired" you feel when you've been going, going, going, and haven't stopped to rest. I just finished (well, not really) a big project which I really loved working on. My hands, my gocco, and craft punches are tired:) I had a huge invitation order all the way from Canada, and there is more to do. Here's a pic to show ya:
I love me some polka dots...just hope none of the guests are afraid of 'em~ haha!

Well, it looks like we may be shoppin' around for a new car. Yay for a new car, but boo to a car payment. I guess its not sooo bad, but its been nice not to have one for a while, and I have absolutely no idea as to what we want to buy. Got any good suggestions??

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

mish-mosh of thoughts...

I was so not happy the other day as my blackberry wasn't working for a period of time due to the bberry outage that happened.

Then it started working again...I was a happy camper :)

I was VERY happy to hear that the writer's strike is over...but some of my faves (old & new) wont be back until 09, or at all. oh well...

We did go to Pinkberry on Larchmont the other night, nothin' bad about that. I was strollin by this flower shop and I just had to snap a pic of the gorgeous flowers on display. The camera on my bberry isn't too shaby either...

Aren't they pretty??

Happy Wednesday...the weekend is almost here~ Yay!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Don't forget...

Even though I'm feelin' under the weather...I got up, and went to go vote. Please go and vote!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

A Fashion Meme :)

What has been your biggest fashion indulgence? Handbags. Forever and always~ha! I have also decided that I cannot live without my Tory Burch flats, I love them so!

What is your signature scent? It was Juicy Couture, but now its Bond No. 9 New York "DNA" smells sooo good!

What was your biggest fashion mistake? I'm sure there's a couple, and I'm certainly not trying to remember!

What item(s) do you never travel without? Deodorant, toothbrush, flat iron

What was the last film you saw? was cute, but I didn't LOVE it like I had hoped I would.

What beauty products do you swear by? Laura Mercier face primer, Creme de La Mer tinted moisturizer

What is on your iPod? Errythang~ 80's, pop, hip hop, some slow jams, and just a smidge of Britney

What was the last item of clothing you bought? A dress at Calypso

Where do you buy your lingerie? Nowhere in particular, but there is a super cute little lingerie shop at Fred Segal that I looove!

Which shop(s) couldn't you live without? Too many~ Fred Segal, Calypso, Barney's COOP, Saks, H&M, LADY, and Nordies, and Anthropologie too.

random stuff...

I'm just such a blog slacker...I admit it.

A couple of weeks ago someone killed my blackberry. Yes, just stepped on it, and killed it. I know it was an accident (don't ask me how it happened) but when I found it on the ground it looked like a bird had crashed into the screen. I'm addicted to that thing like I shouldn't be and so I felt awful. newwwwww blackberry (doing the "Bundy Bounce")
points to anyone who knows what that is! :)

Now I'm a happy camper, and its just too cute. I debated the iphone for a quick sec, but then realized that I could just play with
Mr. Shorty Cake's if I wanted to.

Very busy with lots 'o invitations, valentine cards, and even a bat-mitzvah in Canada...crazy huh?

I'm still trying to think of something cute and unique to give the hub for Valentine's day too. He's kinda hard to shop for, and the boy has everything...

My etsy shop is finally up...only a couple of things there so far, but its somethin'! check it out!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

A baby "faux-hawk"

That's what lil' Shorty-Cake wanted, so that's his new 'do for 08. He likes it, but then he was worried about his hair while he was at his little "mighty-mites" gym class that he goes to....grrreeaaaaaaaat.

Sorry this post is so short, I've got tons of work to do (yay!)

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Santa brought me some goodies!!!

Dude, I was such a good girl this year, definitely not on the "naughty" list....haha! We had such a great Christmas, getting to visit with the fams, playin' with all of the kiddie's toys, and eating yummy treats! Santa and Hannukah Harry both brought me some awesome gifts, so here are some of the pics of what I got...

I also got movie tickets, lots of other great stuff too! The hubs has pretty muched ditched me for his new love....his precious iphone! All in all it was a great holiday, and its pretty crazy how quickly it is over. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, and time to share with your loved ones!